FEM - Female Empowerment Movement

Post on October 05, 2023 by YES

About one fourth of all businesses in Vietnam are managed by women and bring in similar annual revenue as men, however there is an apparent trend where women-led businesses tend to get rougher loan deals. It is still the case that many banks see women-led businesses to be less profitable, higher risk, and lacking in management skills (IFC, 2022). However, research in recent years highlights the impact that women have in businesses, especially when getting to executive positions. Companies with women leaders tend to have better stock returns and more trust from the investors (Stash, 2022). Not to mention that some of the most successful Vietnamese businesses are always run by women, such as Vietjet, Vinamilk and TH Group.

With FEM, our vision is to create a community of strong women in business who can be inspired by and learn from each other. In the first edition of FEM, we will be having three talks on the topics of networking, pitching and, of course, female empowerment. Furthermore, we will have an exhibition for our creative founders, and together with our other partners provide drinks, finger food, and other surprises.

The initiative is a collaboration between YES Saigon, a vibrant community for business people in Vietnam, and Fika, the female-focused dating app in Asia.

“Say YES to female empowerment. One of the fundamentals for human rights. We love to create a safe environment for women to mingle, inspire and be inspired. Working with Fika, a female focused app allows us to bring a new concept to Saigon, which can hopefully become one of the leading signature events for female empowerment in Vietnam.” -Clemens Levert, CEO & Founder of YES Saigon

“Since we’re building a dating app for women, by women, empowerment is one of our core values. With a female CEO, and a majority of women leaders in our departments, we truly embrace the importance of women. This is why we are creating FEM together with YES, to be able to inspire and be inspired by other brilliant women in business.” - Cecilia Tran, CMO of Fika

Are you a woman in business who would like to join us for an inspiring evening? Come join us for our next events

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