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The idea is simple; create a community of people with an interest in business and building a professional network. This event is open to entrepreneurs, business professionals, makers, filmmakers, artists/designers/creative, app/web developers, tech enthusiasts, investors and many other professionals. Vietnamese or foreigners, you are welcome to join us to engage with the wider community and share advice and experiences (as well as a couple of beers!). It is worth noting that this is not a teaching lesson; our main goal is to meet people, share ideas, inspire and be inspired

Our Vision

YES aims to bring the Vietnamese startups communities together and provide a platform for sharing, collaboration and networking.

Inspiring Innovation and Connections

Empower young entrepreneurs and professionals to ignite innovation through meaningful connections. Our vision is to create a dynamic platform where diverse minds converge, sparking creative synergies and forging collaborations that drive the growth of both individuals and the broader business landscape.

Fueling the Next Generation of Vietnamese Startups

Position ourselves as the driving force behind the rise of the Vietnamese startup ecosystem. Our vision is to catalyze the success of homegrown startups by fostering an environment that encourages learning, resource-sharing, and strategic alliances, thereby propelling Vietnam into the global startup spotlight.

Empowering a Borderless Business Community

Forge a borderless community where geographical boundaries blur in the pursuit of knowledge and growth. Our vision is to provide a digital haven where entrepreneurs, professionals, and creatives from around the world connect effortlessly, share insights, and collectively fuel the rise of groundbreaking ventures.

Cultivating Entrepreneurial Resilience

Cultivate a resilient generation of entrepreneurs equipped to navigate challenges and seize opportunities. Our vision is to create an ecosystem that not only celebrates success but also embraces failures as valuable learning experiences. Through mutual support and mentorship, we aim to foster a culture where setbacks are stepping stones toward future achievements.

Meet Our Team

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Clemens Levert

Co-founder & CEO

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Khoa Quach

Co-founder & CTO

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